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Teaching and Learning Observation College

Be Observed

What can you expect from an observation?

An observation involves observing and providing formal or informal feedback on your teaching and learning practice or that of your colleagues.

  • Informal observations

    You can approach a peer to observe an aspect of your teaching practice or we can organise one. Feedback is given informally, often verbally

  • Inter-school peer observation

    You can be observed by experienced academics who provide professional, independent and consistent feedback. All observations are confidential, and no information will be sent to your school.

  • School-based peer observation

    We can provide support and guidance to schools and departments who wish to establish or enhance their own observation schemes.

  • Professional development

    These are formal observations than can be used as evidence for a range of professional programmes. For more details please contact the Professional Development Team.

  • Lord Dearing Award

    These are formal observations than can be used to show excellence in teaching and learning and support your Lord Dearing Award nomination.

  • Nottingham Recognition Scheme

    These are formal observations than can be used to support your claim for Associate Felloe, Fellow, or Senior Fellow and to evidence how you remain in good standing.

  • Apprenticeship teaching observations

    These are observations similar to our Nottingham approach, but with a specific form that explores specific aspects relating to compliance requirements to teaching this type of programme.